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Ekaterina Fields is a London-based model, actress, advocate, and mother of two. If you asked Ekaterina what one of the biggest passions in her life is, she would tell you it is helping to keep the environment clean. To Ekaterina, the environment is an important part of life in a community, and it is essential for people to do their part to keep it clean. In order to do her part, Ekaterina has committed to keeping a plastic-free home. She also teaches her children, Aleksei and Elizaveta, to pick up after themselves both at home and in public. She has impressed upon them the importance of maintaining nature and keeping pollutants away from the environment.

While Ekaterina Fields focuses on doing her part to help the environment and educate her children to do the same, she is also an advocate for others to keep the environment clean as well. She regularly recommends eco-friendly options to people when they ask for suggestions, and she plans to provide tips on how you can help keep the environment free of pollutants.

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In addition to her environmental pursuits, Ekaterina also feels strongly about supporting children with special needs. Being a mother to a special little girl, Ekaterina truly understands the struggles that special children face. To help her daughter stay positive, she looks for ways to help her live confidently and happily. Ekaterina also works with charities to find methods for promoting inclusion and accessibility to children and adults who face challenges due to their special needs, particularly in school and the workplace.

Prior to her children’s birth, Ekaterina Fields had also spent several years caring for her mother, who was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. Although these were difficult years, they were highly impactful to Ekaterina. Since her mother’s passing in 2003, Ekaterina has also supported and advocated for charities that research and help people with cancer.

Ekaterina Fields’s platform has helped tremendously in her advocacy. As a child, she played a leading role in a Russian teen TV musical “Higher than Rainbow”, which over the years became an iconic staple of a Russian-speaking television and brought audiences in excess of 50 million people. 
In her teen years, Ekaterina began to model in Russia, and became a finalist and a winner of several beauty pageants, including Miss Russia, Miss Moscow, Elite Model Look.
At 17 years old, Ekaterina won the Miss World University pageant (Seoul, South Korea), representing Russia, thus becoming the first ever Russian Miss World.
Aged 18, Ekaterina moved to Paris to continue modelling under Marilyn Gauthier modelling agency. Ekaterina has continued her modelling and acting career throughout her adult life, most recently starring in the British sitcom “Perfect World” (2001) and the Channel 4’s reality TV show “The Auction House” (2015), as well as appearing on several Russian TV talk shows where the “Higher than Rainbow” fan base remains strong.

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