One of the growing concerns for conscientious minds is humanity’s overuse of plastic – and the waste it produces. While this is undoubtedly a battle that needs to be fought on many fronts, the simple truth is that it all starts in the home.

By reducing our plastic waste within the home, we can all begin to make a difference in the world. Better yet, there are simple solutions that will make the transition feel painless – guaranteeing a permanent change is easy to maintain.

Reusable Bags

Using cloth bags when grocery shopping is one of the easiest ways to cut down on needless plastic waste. Any reusable bag will help cut down on the need to come home with half a dozen bags every week.

Furthermore, reusable produce bags are now an easily found option, allowing shoppers to safely transport their fruit and veggies without the need of grabbing several bags to separate them all.

Give Up the Gum

It may sound odd to hear this one, but giving up (or cutting down) on your gum use will help reduce plastic waste. These days, most gums have plastic in them unless they are one of several natural alternatives.

Buy Boxed Items

Whenever possible, opt for items packaged in boxes as opposed to plastic or bags. These items can include laundry detergent, and given how much is used in a year, it will make a difference.

Stop Buying Bottled Water

Bottled water is an environmental disaster. Not only does the industry produce a significant amount of plastic waste, but the carbon footprint of transporting water is a mess. Yes, there are some instances where there is no alternative – but for all those other opportunities, make use of reusable water bottles as much as possible.

Glass Bottles

When shopping for household cleaning products, buy ones that come in glass bottles. Alternatively, buy your own glass spray bottle and use cleaning concentrates (such as the environmentally friendly options sold through Grove).

Go Package Free

There is no requirement to buy beauty products that are fully packaged in plastic. These days, there are dozens of companies that sell package-free (aka naked) products. These items include everything from hand soap to conditioner bars and everything in between. Please also see my post on Refills! and Zero Waste

Ditch the Glitter

All joking about lasting messes aside, glitter is another environmental disaster. Traditional glitter is made of plastic and can easily look like food to fish – a lethal meal. Thankfully, some companies make biodegradable glitter for all of our sparkly needs!

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by Ekaterina Fields