Sometimes it can feel like one person can’t make a difference. Yet, each of us can do hundreds of little things, and they all add up. Even the companies we choose to support can ultimately make a difference.

These days, companies have learned that they need to take a stand and support causes that their consumers care about. This means that plenty of companies support environmentally friendly causes – either by creating safe products or directly funding important initiatives. Here are several environmentally friendly companies worth supporting.

Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat is a company trying to tackle several environmental problems at once – by coming up with a creative new solution. Their products are essentially plant-based products designed to replace meat. Not only do these products make vegetarians and vegans happy, but they cut down on the carbon footprint left by the meat industry.


If you’re looking for an environmentally conscious company to support, then look no further. Patagonia is arguably one of the top eco-friendly companies, thanks to all of their ventures and practices. They support environmental causes, recycle as much as possible, and take carbon footprints and sustainability into account when designing new products.

Seventh Generation

Even environmentally friendly homes need to be clean, and that’s where Seventh Generation comes into play. Seventh Generation creates products that are sustainable, not harmful to the environment (essential for cleaning products), and packaged to reduce as much damage as possible.

Green Toys

As you might imagine, Green Toys is a company designing safe toys for children and the environment. These toys are made from 100% recycled materials and are still carefully designed to be fun and safe for infants.

A Good Company

For those that need an environmentally friendly version of Amazon, there’s good news! A Good Company is an e-commerce company looking to change the way the industry works, including starting from the bottom up. They’re creating sustainable products, treating their customers well, and having full transparency in the process.

Wipro EcoEnergy

Wipro EcoEnergy is working hard to change the way companies power their businesses – literally. They are striving to create sustainable solutions for energy operations, with the ultimate goal of helping even the most prominent companies reduce their carbon footprint.