Living in a big city like London, you may assume that living an environmentally friendly lifestyle is a little harder than in other areas. This is often due to the fast-paced lifestyle many seem to connect to the idea of living in a large busy city, and while it can be true, that doesn’t mean you can’t live an environmentally friendly lifestyle. For example, London is full of loads of grocery delivery services, and many of them are eco-friendly! Here are a few of the best environmentally friendly grocery delivery services in London.

Milk & More

Milk & More is a dairy provider that delivers all over the country and who has a mission to reduce its impact on the environment. They recognize that they have a responsibility for commercial sustainability and have committed themselves to an openly sustainable company. Every decision they make takes their environmental footprint into consideration, with a constant goal of avoiding a large impact as much as possible. The service is particularly known for its delicious organic milk with reusable bottles as well as its wide selection of fruits and vegetables.

Another personal favorite of mine is This service is known for sourcing all of their products responsibly as a way of treating our planet and everyone involved – animals, producers, and their customers – better. They work with over 450 different producers that were all chosen specifically for their commitment to quality and taste without hurting the environment. Delivery is quick too, often allowing for next-day delivery that uses electric vans for travel. Some of their best options include their organic shepherd’s pies and croissants, as well as their organic sliced turkey, a favorite of my daughters.

Abel & Cole

Abel & Cole is an organic fruit and vegetable provider that’s been around for over 30 years when Keith Abel sold his first bag of spuds. The service is known for having delicious options for fruits and veggies as well as meat and fish, and all of their products are produced ethically. They use minimal brown paper packaging and even pick up their boxes on the next delivery, constantly reusing and recycling. They have great options for every season and are one of the best sustainable food providers located in the United Kingdom.

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by Ekaterina Fields